Saturday, 9 April 2011

FT-01 Night of Pleasure - Night of Pleasure

This may be the best dang rock 'n roll record of the year. I know, I know, I am "biased" cause I'm "putting this out" but, um, I felt the same way about Night of Pleasure, Columbus OH's most handsome and musically inclined sons, before I put this out so does that really make me biased? Bias is just an opinion, right? And we all know what they say about opinions. I mean the only damn reason I'm putting this out is because Night of Pleasure kicks some serious motherfucking ass and I wanted to hear more of their songs. And I figured everyone else should probably hear more of their songs too.
So after amazing singles on Columbus Discount (including their collabs with Aaron Troyer of Day Creeper as Outer Spacist,) here it is Night of Pleasure their debut full-length as far as I am aware. 10 amazing songs in 22 amazing minutes. 10 more songs to add to their eventual greatest hits album, which will include their entire discography of course.
My co-conspirator in Ftapes, Colleen's favorite song on here is "No Vibrations" which is about as fine a choice as you can make, but "Your Back Pages" might be a little closer to my heart so here are both for your sampling (night of) pleasure:
No Vibrations:
Your Back Pages:
Tape comes with homemade xeroxography by the band.

Night of Pleasure was played on Free Form Freakout along with lots of other great tunes; David is definitely the king of experimental podcasting. Check it out!

Read a review of Night of Pleasure at Pick the Cat's Eyes Out

$5.00 postpaid to US. International listeners please get in touch.

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