Saturday, 9 April 2011

FT-03 Arklight - The Callow Summit

I approached Arklight about doing a “world music” tape a long while ago and The Callow Summit is the behemoth they delivered. Whilst National Geographic-ists think world music is all quaint tribal dances, South American pan-flute music (which I am personally so down with) and whatever other NPR-reported trends are happening in this day and age—Arklight deliver straight-up post-colonial grime. Everything you could want is here (and probably some you don’t.) Curiously breezy grooves, weird post-modern yet old timey tunes, the hardest-mothafuckin’-core gangsta rap-sampling beat annihilation, Umm Kalthoum-meets-early Yellow Swans jams (seriously.) It’s an ethnomusicological nightmare!
Now that you’re sick of last Summer's jams, Autumn proved to be a disappointment and the winter was cold as hell and the spring ain't much better, shove this in the nearest ghettoblaster and dance, weep or puzzle your way into the new Summer’s darkness.
Pay particular attention to the 1-2 fucking knockout of "Bolshinstvo Outgrowths" and "Manifestations of Doubt" on Side A. Mellow grooves turn to brutal ones. For your sampling pleasure, below is a music video of said tracks directed by Danny Kolm.

The tapes come with hand-cut "j-cards" of pseudo-"World" fabric, painstakingly made using a highly sophisticated method consisting of binder clips, scissors and a Michael Bolton j-card. I guess the band liked them, so maybe you will too.

Cassette Gods review of The Callow Summit

Mike Haley and the boys of the stellar Tabs Out podcast jammed some of The Callow Summit tape on Episode 7: check it out!


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