Saturday, 9 April 2011

FT-02 Radiant Husk - Atolls

Bay Area dude and super nice guy, Matt Erickson keeps much too low of a profile for the caliber of work he produces. Whether it's with his guitar/sax duo Sudden Oak, the always brilliant and fetching tapes on his Bezoar Formations label, curating a right gentlemanly (and darn good) benefit compilation LP or, my personal favorite, Matt's reeds, keys and whatever else solo project Radiant Husk. Having put out stellar Rad Husk releases on his Bezoar imprint and with a 12inch on Mr. Ducktails's label looming in the future, here is Atolls to either hold you over or get your ass acquainted.

Waves of reeds glisten and sparkle in the dullest shade of silver producing the sound uniquely specific to Mr. Erickson's work for an otherworldly and unexpectedly grooving audio cassette experience.

Peep the sample below for proof:

The tape features artwork by Jeff Johnson, screenprinted my Keith Whiteman. The color scheme was chosen in honor of my 2010 Holiday Bowl-winning Washington Huskies.

Check out a review of Atolls on Anti-Gravity Bunny

$5.00 postpaid to US. International listeners please get in touch.

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